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Express Mail Service - Gulf Express

Gulf Express

Our tailor-made Gulf Ex service is designed to cover all your delivery needs within the Gulf States. This highly efficient timely service allows our customers to enjoy a wide-reaching distribution to major cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) within 24 hours at lowest costs.

Gulf Ex service, available at all post offices and postal agencies in the Kingdom, allows our customers to easily benefit from our speedy and safe hand delivery of their packages to any destination in the Gulf region at the right cost, with no compromise to service. Our on-line track your shipment tool; can guarantee you updated logistics and efficient responsiveness to your needs.

Can you afford not to use Gulf EX?

Whether you’re mailing letters, parcels, corporate mailings or gifts, our reliable and affordable delivery solutions will definitely make your life easier. At Gulf EX, we offer you cost savings, fast and convenient hand delivery solutions to all GCC countries.


  • up to 0.5 K.g

    80 SR

  • 0.5 K.g
    to 1 K.g

    90 SR

  • 1. K.g
    to 1.5 K.g

    100 SR

  • 1.5 K.g
    to 2 K.g

    110 SR

  • 2 K.g
    to 5 K.g

    120 SR

  • 5 K.g
    to 10 K.g

    150 SR

  • 10 K.g
    to 15 K.g

    160 SR

  • 15 K.g
    to 20 K.g

    180 SR

  • 20 K.g
    to 25 K.g

    200 SR

  • 25 K.g
    to 30 K.g

    230 SR

to know more about the prices, please contact us by Request our Services form.

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