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Express Mail Service - Prohibited Materials

Prohibited Materials

Which include the following materials:

  • 1Weapons of all kinds
  • 2Ammunition of all types of finished or raw materials
  • 3Fireworks in all its forms
  • 4Materials that can be used as weapons
  • 5Drugs of all kinds
  • 6Alcoholic beverages of all kinds
  • 7Chemicals
  • 8Petroleum products
  • 9Food
  • 10Live or stuffed animals
  • 11Medicines, medical materials
  • 12Non-moral materials (sexual or non-sexual)
  • 13Gaseous substances
  • 14Plants
  • 15Perishable articles
  • 16Tobacco cigarettes ,materials finished or raw materials , and Electronic cigarettes and its accessories
  • 17Liquid substances that may pose a risk
  • 18All kinds of precious materials such as metal alloys or precious gems and precious stones.
  • 19Modern coins or old currency
  • 20Precious pieces of arts
  • 21Perfumes and Cosmetics
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